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  • Hi I’m Claudia, an illustrator, surface pattern designer and writer born in Germany. These days I work location independent from all over the world. Driven by my curiosity I have traveled to more than 35 countries. The stories, the cultures, the architecture, the patterns and colors I encountered along the way, continue to inspire my work as an artist. Having studied film & screenwriting in Germany and NYC, I have always been a passionate storyteller. To me, a good story will leave you behind with a feeling that you will remember. This is what I like to do with my art and writing. I want to tell stories that inspire, make us feel good or make us walk down memory lane, reminding us of a certain smell, atmosphere or feeling. I love to explore ideas in the form of illustrations, to make feelings visible.
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I create illustrations & designs that tell your stories in an unique way.

Do you need a design or illustration for your website, book or article ? I create a visual addition to your texts that go together like Mickey and Minnie, like popcorn and the movies, like warm summer nights and fireflies.

My love for travel and adventure inspires many of my artworks.  In my sketchbook, I love to capture the atmosphere, the feeling and the unique features of the places I travel to.

I like to explore new techniques, textures and materials within my illustrations & designs to bring out the character of each subject in the best possible way. I’m especially into urban sceneries, nature & landscapes as well as everyday objects.

If you think we would be a great fit, please contact me. I’m available for new commissions and licensing existing images.

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